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“Gf Morgan’s recent album, Magenta, is a savvy blend of guitar tunes, songs and airs, from Scottish, Irish and Celtic influences. There’s depth and richness in the playing, an atmospheric album of gentle music and song from a seasoned artist….. There’s genuine contentment in the playing, tunes that linger, old music that has survived and connects Celtic communities to their cultures, continuing to be spread across continents as Mr. Morgan is doing here. The newly composed Magenta from the title leaves the listener with a harmonious wrap up, great richness and depth in the material, and throughout the recording you’ll find thoughtful, contemplative music, authoritative guitar playing with just the right, deft arrangements."


- Anne Marie Kennedy - Irish Music Magazine

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Driftwood is a folk album full of good music, good scholarship and packed with inspiration. It has the hand of a connoisseur all over it." 


 - Seán Laffey,  Irish Music Magazine


"Morgan’s original songs reveal just how much the essence of Celtic music has become part of his American soul. The instrumental title track could easily be mistaken for one of the countless achingly beautiful Irish or Scottish odes to freedom denied or unrequited love."


- Dan Walsh,   Americana Music Review

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